Create your own Smart Factory

& Add value to your MES system

( Wonderware / Siemens / Rockwell / GE / Aspen / OSIsoft / etc. )

   What you’ll have

  • An extraction of your MES historian data is brought to the Cloud and completed with data from other (PLC’s) production processes, Testing equipment, Operator logsheets and Quality test results.
  • data is put in context with product &  batch numbers, resulting in a cloud database with valuable information on your production processes.
  • Real-time compliance-trending/SPC
  • Real-time statistical calculation of corrective actions to prevent out-of-spec (early warning system in production)
  • A quick & smart trouble shooting tool on historical data (in context)
  • Statistical Analyses to find correlations in your process, the golden batch, multivariate analysis, PCA, etc. to identify  process improvement opportunities, etc.
  • A great tool for cost price validation
  • Predictive analytics on your end-product quality, based on in-line measurements

   Your benefits

  • Ability to run your factory smarter then your competitors
  • Unparalleled insight into your plant performance
  • Prevention of out-of-spec, with early warning system
  • Quick & Smart trouble shooting results
  • Reduction of # rejected batches
  • Identification of optimum process settings for maximum output
  • Improvement of product quality consistency
  • Improvement of Plant Capacity Utilization
  • Minimum downtimes/maximum speed
  • Reduction of energy consumption
  • Engineers, R&D- & Quality staff have easy access to the data they need, and no longer waste valuable time to collect the data from various sources
  • Your reports and analyses become more reliable because there are checks on the validity of the raw data data 


Simply available in the Cloud … No capital investment … Subscription-based