Simple answers to Complex Questions

Hidden insights into your production or supply chain

   What you will have

  • A tool to make complex matters simple, with the help of data-analysis
  • Data-driven decisions, with metrics that matter

   The results

The information will help you:

  • To understand how to improve your supply chain
  • To understand how to improve your production process
  • To identify (quality) risks
  • to improve your services to your customers
  • to improve your products
  • to monitor compliance and changes
  • to benchmark suppliers and customers
  • etc.


  • You tell us what you want to find out
  • We translate your question into a data analysis model
  • We set up a system for data collection in the cloud
  • We perform the analyses in the cloud
  • We visualize the results, and reveal the insights you need

   Why partner with Smart4Industries

  • A ready-to-use Cloud Analysis platform (based on SAS software)
  • Proven track-record in industries
  • Experienced data analysis experts
  • Experienced data collection & IT experts
  • Cloud Services: reduce complexity and reduce investments


Simply available in the Cloud … No capital investment … Subscription-based